A Remarkable Victory at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center

January 13, 2024by Kevin Moghtanei
A Remarkable Victory at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center


In the legal arena, it’s rare to witness a complete turnaround in a client’s fortunes, especially in cases involving serious charges such as brandishing a firearm, as defined under California Penal Code section 417. However, a recent case out of the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, commonly referred to by its old name of Criminal Courts Building (CCB) showcases just such a remarkable victory, highlighting the profound impact of diligent Criminal defense and strategic negotiation.


The Initial Challenge

Our client, who had been represented by the Los Angeles Public Defender for over six months, faced severe charges. The case involved allegations of brandishing a firearm, and the situation was compounded by the recovery of a gun by the police and a victim firmly intent on prosecution. Initially, the Public Defender, constrained by limited resources, was unable to conduct an exhaustive investigation. The prosecution’s offer was a firm 90 days in jail, coupled with the burden of a criminal conviction.


Turning the Tide

The turning point in this case came with our firm’s involvement. We believe in dedicating ample time and resources to each case, a philosophy that was critical here. Our approach was multifaceted and rigorous:


  1. In-depth Witness Interviews: We conducted thorough interviews with all involved parties, piecing together a comprehensive view of the incident. This step was crucial in formulating a robust defense strategy.
  2. Strategic Defense Planning: Understanding the nuances of the law and the specifics of the case, we crafted a defense strategy that highlighted key elements in favor of our client.
  3. Persistent Negotiations: Negotiation is an art, especially in legal proceedings. Our persistent and strategic discussions with the prosecution were pivotal in shifting the trajectory of the case.


The Outcome: A Complete Win

The outcome of our involvement was nothing short of a legal triumph. Through our intensive efforts, we compelled the prosecutor to offer Diversion to our client. This Diversion was a game-changer: it meant ZERO jail time for our client and, significantly, the guarantee of the case being DISMISSED, and with the arrest SEALED after.

For our client, this was not just a win but a chance at a new beginning, free from the shadows of a criminal conviction.

Kevin Moghtanei

Kevin Moghtanei

Criminal Defense Attorney With a career spanning over a decade in the challenging field of criminal defense, Attorney Kevin Moghtanei has established himself as a strong advocate for nearly 1,200 clients. His journey as an Attorney is not just marked by years but by the depth of his experience, awards and recognition by clients and the courts alike, and the remarkable outcomes he has achieved for his clients. In the complex and often intimidating world of criminal law, Kevin is the Attorney you want on your side, and you can count on his tips and recommendations for better results.

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